Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Finally the autumn has come. I love taking photos of leaves. They have many different colours.
The weather isn't good now, I mean that there is no sun (I don't like sun but sometimes is needful) and therefore I can't take many photos.

I'm studying since 4 weeks now and I regret that I have chosen such field of study (German philology). I already know that I'll study this subject for only one year...

Have a nice rest of the day.


(Sorri for the quality, but blogger changed it)

Thursday, 31 August 2017


So, the summer is almost over (finally c: ) and now is the little summary of my holidays. Through this summer I didn't do too much. I just cut my hair (I really regret it), started working in Germany (3 weeks left), and watched and still watch new korean dramas (YES, I'm addicted haha). And here are picturtes which I took through this time. This is part 1. In some days I'll add part 2 :)