Friday, 31 July 2015


Another photo report from another concert. This time in Berlin ♥. Unfortunately the last from Sunrise Avenue's concert this year, but in 2016 will be more. Definitely! First I have to say that I'm once again impressed! The concert was really great and I miss them already. The concert was almost 2 weeks ago and I'm still speechless! I stand in 5th row. In front of me stand a biig girl and very often I didn't see through her a guitarist, drummer and a singer. I couldn't take photos therefore I took only 130.
Sunrise Avenue recored on THIS concert their new DVD. I was in shock when I found about it out. Now I can't wait untill I will have it in my hands! But anyways...

Maybe 3 days before the concert a girl from Germany send me back a message which I send her 1,5 week before. She was going there alone and I. So... we met ourselves before the concert and I was pretty nervous. Because I have never ever before talked in English except some words/sentences. But everything was very good. She is still 16 as me. And her name is Ulrike. It's a very nice person. Maybe we meet ourselves at another concert next year. Who knows...

Before the concert I and my parents lost ourselves in the big park. We walked about 30 minutes until we found the queue. I was pretty nervous because I knew that there will be so much people, but when I walked along the queue with my mom I calmed down. Hahaha. I waited 3 hours and I had a lot of fun at the concert. And... After the concert I lost the entrance through which I entered. A bodyguard stopped me and I said him about that and then he took me to the entrance through which I entered. (there was 2 entrances)

Have a nice day!