Saturday, 30 January 2016


Zdjęcia jeszcze zrobione w Boże Narodzenie. Wcześniej jakoś nie miałam głowy do bloga. Stąd też nie dodawałam prawie żadnych zdjęć. Mam nadzieję, że wam się spodobają.


Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hmm... This is my 2015 in photos I took. I chose (in my opinion) the best pictures or which I like the most and have good memories with them.
So.. What can I say about January? In January was the first snow! I love snow and I'm very happy when I get up and  look out of the window and see snow ♥ Then the day is much better!

February. What I remeber from February? I remember that then was hot... Too hot for February! I remember the old days when February was a cold month and was so much snow. In Febryary I took these photos with the sun behind the trees. And my lovely cat Veli ♥ I miss you so much!

March. Then I went with my sister on the river. I took her pictures as you can see on the collage. I liked it very much and these kind of pictures are one of my favourite.

April. What could I took pictures of? Flowers, of course. I like taking pictures of flowers, but sometimes (like in April, May or generally in summer) it's boring. You only see pictures of flowers. And nothing more. But at the same time I'm happy from the results.

Then I took these pictures of Veli behind the small trees with yellow flowers. (Sometimes flowers are helpful c: )
And then I have bought my digital camera - Nikon S9100. I don't regret it. This small digital camera is really good. My mum took a lot of pictures in Austria with it. And I have to admit that the quality isn't bad.

Then I was on a concert of my favourite band called Sunrise Avenue. I had so much fun. And took there a lot of pictures and I'm still in love with them ♥. Before the concert I waited there for about 6 hours. The next day I haven't strength to get up from bed. Hahaha.
Unfortunately I haven't time to see Leipzig. What a pity! Leipzig is a really beautiful city!

My second concert of SA in 2015. I was there with my friend which I met 5 days before the concert. Hahaha. But who cares... So, the concert was brilliant as always! And I really want to come back there.
Then my dream came true. And I'm very happy. Can't wait to see these boys this year. ♥

August and Austria.
Austria is really beautiful place. These mountains, lakes and much more. Miss this sight! I added here photos from Austria but not all. I didn't add pictures from Salzburg etc. I think I haven't time and there was too much photos and I didn't know how to divide them for posts. I made 2 collages because I couldn't choose only 5 or 6 photos. I wanted to make one more collage but... Later I'll add photos from Austria.

October and leaves ♥ This time I took pictures of leaves as I wanted. Clear and I like them so much. I hope you too. C:

November and... forst snow! That was just a miracle!

I think 2015 was a really great year (besides this hotness in summer). My dreams came true, in December I took my very first photos of stars. Maybe the're not the best, but who cares... But one unpleasant thing happend. My aunt was ill and she died in October, one week before her birthday. I will never forget her and I still can't believe it.

But I hope your 2015 was good for you. :)