Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hi everybody!
For 2 weeks I had my winter holidays which ended week ago. I'm so glad of my holidays, because I did everything I wanted to. I learn english, math, I was doing something with polish and I watched korean dramas. I started watch korean dramas a little more than year ago. My first drama was Empress Ki which I truly recommend. When the holidays stared, I began to watch my new favourite drama Hwarang (only 2 episodes left :c ) and some more. Especially I like historical dramas. And I also like korean music. Through that I started to be interested in Korea and China, but especially in Korea. I've watched over 7 dramas nad I plan to watch more. On my holidays I also bought a historical book about China. And in the future I plan to learn korean.

Thursday, 2 February 2017


I love when outside is frost, cold and sun is shining. I don't like sun that much, but when there is snow or just frost and sun is shining I can take really good pictures. I hope you like them.