Thursday, 24 March 2016


These are my two tattoos.
Tattoo "Follow your heart" I made 12th of Febryary. It hurt a little bit but I did it! ;)

Tattoo "Choose to be me" I made 19th of February. And it sisn't hurt at all. Choose To Be Me is Sunrise Avenue's song. Long time ago I wondered which tattoos I would like to have. And for a long time I dreamed to have these two tattoos. I'm very happy that I have it.
Maybe this year will come more tattoos. Who knows... I have some ideas but ... Let's see :)


Sunday, 13 March 2016


Hi everybody!

How is your weekend and how was your whole week?

My week at school was so tiring. A lot of learning on every subject. I didn't get enough sleep etc. And now I'm so tired after my tomorrow's work. I worked only 4 hours but everything still hurt and I'm a bit ill. So I'll do nothing untill the weekend is over.
These pictures were taken in January. Now the weather is awful. Is cold but where's sun?! Iwant sun! Untill January I didn't take almost any photos. It's terrible. And it's therefore that there is no sun. And photos outside without sun look bad because you can see the ISO and when you see it, the picture lose the good quality...
I miss taking photos (I know it's stupid, 'cause I can take photos but the quality will be bad, so... As I mentioned) 

Soon I'll ad some photos from my own "photoshoot" and some photos of my 2 tattoos whoch I did almost one month ago. So, stay tuned ;)

Have a nice rest of the day!