Monday, 29 June 2015

LEIPZIG 20.06.2015

For a long time I didn't post here. And here's post with pictures which I took during the time I was in Leipzig on a concert. Leipzig is such a beautiful city! The architecture is just amazing! And the V√∂lkerschlachtdenkmal makes such an impression. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures, cause I had to wait in a long queue. And it was worth it! 

The concert was just great, amazing! I stand 9 hours without wather and food. Hahaha! 
I've never ever been on such concert. It's indescribable. You can see it on pictures which I added here. 
I took photos of 2 supports too but then the sun was shining a bit too much. And the photos don't look as cool as these. 

First support was called Niila. I check out their music and I must admit that I very like it. Second support was called Carpark North. Their music is great. They play rock and I love rock. It's the style of music which I like the most. 
But the best was my favourite band of course. Sunrise Avenue ♥. It's the band which I will love until the death! Definitely! Sunrise Avenue played full 2 hours. I had so much fun. And I will see them once again in Berlin on 18th of June. I can't wait!!!!!!!

I must admit that I'm so so proud of my pictures from concert. I just love them and can't stop look at them. I totally fell in love with my pictures. It was the first time when I was taking pictures with digital camera during the concert. Before I took photos with my Nikon D3100. I impressed that digital camera can take such pictures. I'm so happy that I bought this camera. ♥ 

Here you can find more pictures from concert: